A Day at Little Rebels Holiday Club

Providing lots of fun all day long for your Little Rebels

Things have moved on over the last few years, from beginning with a one and a half hour workshop when we were based in the town centre to now offering a full day of activities keeping your Little Rebels entertained while you go to work or have time to yourself in the school holidays.

Based at Furness Rugby Club in Barrow we’ve got lots of space to get creative. Not only do we have the whole club house to ourselves but lots of outdoor space too which we use as much as possible for both getting creative and playing games whatever the weather. Our day’s follow a pattern, usually starting out with painting or another activity that might need all day to dry out, no more taking wet masterpieces home for us hopefully!

We try to keep booking a place at our holiday club as simple and easy as possible. Once you’ve registered your Little Rebels on our booking system you can book as many days and half days as you’d like to, right throughout the year. Our full list of dates for the year is always available from January and if you like to get organised for the year ahead it’s easy to get your bookings in and don’t forget, payments are only due the week your children attend making it easy for you to budget too. Many of our children visit each day for a full week or different days each week over the holidays, which is why we always try to do something different each day.

Whatever you decide our days normally run along the same times with activities starting at 9.30am each day and finishing at 4.30 pm. Don’t worry if you need to get yourself to work, we offer an early drop off from 8.30am and a late pick up until 5pm each day.

During the day we stop for a break both in the morning, around 11am and in the afternoon, around 3pm. These breaks are a great time for everyone to run around outside with their new friends then it’s back inside for biscuits, a drink and sometimes a quick cartoon before we start again. With a much needed lunch break around 12.30pm, it doesn’t take long for packed lunch boxes to be emptied as we refuel for the afternoon activities and hopefully, if the weathers nice, some outdoor games to play. If the weather is rubbish we try to do something inside like polishing up our dancing skills with Just Dance or a quick game such as musical statues. We’re always flexible over the times of each break as we understand that it’s not much fun trying to be creative the you’re tummy’s telling you it needs filling up.

Each week we normally have a theme with different activities on each day, although sometimes if it’s something particularly popular we do repeat our ‘makes’ more than once. We’re lucky that so many children visit us on a regular basis it means that as we get to know the children we normally know which activities they prefer to do and if there’s something that doesn’t seem to be going down to well we can normally change it around quick. Even grown up Rebels need an imagination when it comes to being creative sometimes.

Walking through the door of somewhere new is always the hardest part…

When I was young I always worried about going somewhere new for the first time even if it was somewhere that I new would be fun. It was so scary! I’m one of the lucky one’s though, I’ve got that secret weapon that everyone needs in this situation…..a big sister! It doesn’t matter how many times you fall out and argue at home, when you’re going somewhere for the first time it’s always handy to have someone to organise you, speak for you and whisper to you when you’re not doing something the right way.

We realise though that not everyone has an older sibling to come with or someone familiar just to walk into the club with for the very first time, it can be scary not knowing what to expect. With this in mind we always make sure that everyone who arrives for their first day with us at Little Rebels Holiday Club is introduced to the staff and most importantly, has a ‘big sister’ or ‘big brother’ to help them out. Even if it’s just until lunch time, it’s reassuring having someone who will happily tell you who everyone is, what to do and where to put your things. By the end of their first day our Little Rebels are usually tired and messy with hands full of their creations and a head full of new memories of a fun day with a whole new gang of best friends they’ve made in a day.

As a parent myself I know it’s not just the Little Rebels who might be feeling nervous, there’s nothing worse sometimes than leaving your little one’s with someone you don’t know very well and you’ll probably spend most of their first day wondering what they’ve been doing, if they’re having fun, eaten their lunch or painted you a fab picture for your wall. Don’t worry, is the first thing I say! You’re more than welcome to give me a call at any time to see how they are, I’m happy to send you a quick update or a photo so you can have a little peak at what they’re up to, just get in touch.

My aim when opening our activity club was to have a place where children of all abilities could join together, get creative using their imaginations and have lots of fun. Our world is so full of technology, schedules and meeting the right targets that sometimes it’s nice to have good old fashioned fun with a paint brush, pens and ‘stuff’, why not let your Little Rebels come and join us for an adventure, I’m sure they’ll have fun!

See You Soon,

Love Lynn xx

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