All About Little Rebels

There was very little technology when I was a child. I was the TV remote for my Dad and when we eventually got a house phone I was the answering service for that too! It doesn’t mean I had a boring childhood though, far from it. 

We played out, got mucky and used our imaginations to make everything from games to kites and houses for our dolls to live in and we did it all with what we could find hanging around at home.

Why am I telling you this?

Because it’s exactly what has led me to start Little Rebels Holiday Clubs and Workshops.

Children have so much technology in their lives now both at home and at school that sometimes they just need a place to do ‘stuff’, somewhere they can make friends, make a mess and use their imaginations having loads of fun.

With a mix of creative makes and new crafts to learn no one has to be a budding Picasso to attend our holiday clubs and workshops, you just have to love getting creative!

As a parent myself I know that familiar feeling of panic that comes over you every time school holidays are mentioned, what on earth will I do with the kids while I work?! 

Being able to offer a service to parents which is flexible to their working days has always been a priority to us along with providing a safe and secure place for your children to play and get creative.

I’ve always been creative, it was just one of those things I loved to do. I can’t say I was the best pupil at school, I found being creative much easier than being academic although that proved to work in my favour in the following years as I’ve now got degrees in both art and interior design which have helped me immensely.

Most of my experience of working with children in school settings was in secondary education and It was while I was living overseas that my dream for Little Rebels first became a reality.

We were lucky to get the opportunity to live on the beautiful island of Grand
Bahama for a couple of years and as Charlie (my youngest Rebel) was only a baby I had to fill my time in somehow!

My girls attended the islands’ International School and after being told they didn’t have a primary art teacher in school I soon found myself agreeing to teach voluntarily each week. It was great fun and although I didn’t realise at the time it was to be the start of many future visits to primary schools to run art workshops and after school clubs, something which I loved.

My very first art party for children was at Easter one year when we were invited to celebrate at our friends’ house along with several other families. 

My contribution to the day was crafts to keep the kids amused and out of the hot sun, some of the crafts we did that day are still used at our holiday clubs now.

Over the last 8 years I’ve had the privilege to visit so many schools, meet lots of Little Rebels at birthday parties, workshops and holiday clubs locally and also helped others in setting up similar businesses of their own. 

I’ve learnt many things from this, it’s not just me who’s a Rebel at heart, there’s lots of children who want to be creative and lots of parents who want their children to be well looked after and have lots of fun in the holidays and that’s exactly what we do.

If you haven’t visited us yet why not get in touch and come to see us soon.

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