It’s the Easter Holidays and during our first week of Holiday Club We’ll be busy looking at the different ways people celebrate Easter and get creative making our own Easter decorations. In our second week we’ll be celebrating all things written with our very own book week, we can’t wait to see who pops out from the pages!


Little Rebels Creative Holiday Clubs provide clubs for children right through the summer holidays with lots of fun and games for all children aged 4 to 12 years.

Each week has a different theme and children are welcome to visit for a day, for a week, whatever fits in with your family life. Have a look on our booking system and see what they’ll enjoy. Bookings can be made at any time with full payments only due up to 24 hours before your child attends meaning you can book now and spread you payments out.

Going Batty

We’ll be busy making all things spooky and batty today. Using everything from paint to clay I wonder what Halloween mayhem we’ll get up to today?!

Paint a pumpkin? Make a flying bat? You can choose

Monday 24th October

Witches and wizards get your wands at the ready today as we try out some hocus pocus Halloween magic making cauldrons and crafty potions. 

We’ll be having all kinds of fun with science & art and even a visit from the  Mad Professor

Tuesday 25th October

We all love monsters as long as they’re nice and today we’ll be creating monsters of our own, what would yours look like?

 From recycled robot monsters to little cute and cuddly monsters all you need is an imagination

Wednesday 26th October

It’ll be a busy day at Little Rebels as we head off to sea in search of Pirates, maybe we’ll join them or will we walk to gang plank? There’ll be boat building and pirate games as well as an eye patch or two!

Thursday 27th October

Last day of holiday club and we’ll be busy with rockets, explosive firework pictures and maybe a lantern for the dark nights.

Come and join us as we get ready to celebrate Guy Fawkes.

Friday 28th October

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