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There’s lots of things I love about Little Rebels and always feel very grateful that an idea I had many years ago has worked and, thanks to everyone who has ever made a booking with us, I can enjoy working each day without ever feeling like I work! One of the reasons that I love Little Rebels so much and think it works so well is because we’ve always mixed everyone from each age group together. The children have always been able to choose which group they’d like to be in. After all there’s lots an 11 year old can learn from a 4 year old and vice versa.

As Little Rebels has grown so much over the last few years I’m having to rethink this idea so that everyone gets as much as they can out of our creation making time together, with this in mind I’ve come up with a plan which I hope you all agree with as I think it’ll work well.

The children will be split into three age groups for when we’re busy creating, the rest of the day, outside games etc, they will be able to mingle together as usual. The groups will be as follows:

Mini Rebels: 4-6yrs
This is our newest age group and we want them to feel like they’ve achieved something when they leave and haven’t struggled to keep up with the older children, they’ll still have the same theme as everyone else but sometimes may do something slightly different.

Little Rebels: 7-9yrs
This was our original group from back in the early days and the age group that I think of when I’m coming up with ideas for our holiday clubs. Again they’ll be following the daily theme with one or two changes to suit everyone.

Rebel Raptors: 9-12yrs
The name Raptors was chosen by my Rebel Assistants as it depicts the children in the group, they’ve often been with us for some time while we’ve watched them grow and now they’re ready to spread their wings and get more adventurous with their creations as they get older and more confident.

As with everything we do at Little Rebels we want everyone to be happy and with this in mind I’m more than happy for children to change groups if needed, for example, if siblings want to be together. All we would ask is that they go together into the group for the youngest child.

Our groups will all benefit from us having Professor Chris with us during the summer holidays as he’ll be planning lots of outdoor activities for everyone from tent building and adventure skills to games and wacky science experiments. We’re very lucky to have Chris with us again this year, as the Chairman at Furness Rugby Cub he’s always had an interest in what we do but he get’s very involved with our days now as we make use of him being a science teacher in his working life. Some of you may remember him as Mr Reid from Ulverston Vic, he’s getting quite used to being told ‘you taught my mum/dad etc’ these days! He also drives the mini bus for us so hopefully we may be able to have a few outings in the summer!

In addition to the activities that each group does with Chris we’ll also be trying out some days this year which will be just full of outdoor activities. Although we know that even the most unartistic child loves to get messy with paint and glue we also want children to have the chance to try out new things and as we’ve got so much land to ourselves at the rugby club that’s exactly what we intend to do!

I’ll be listing the days that we’ll have the extra outdoor activities soon and giving the dates for them in our Little Rebels Group on Facebook and in our newsletters. Let me know if you don’t get any info and I’ll make sure you’re added to our mailing list and never miss any exciting news ever again.

We can’t wait to see you all again soon,

Love Lynn xx

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