Little Rebels arrive at Broughton CofE School

I love our holiday club in Barrow, it’s not exactly what I always had planned, it’s even better. This is made possible by the children who come to visit us and the lovely staff we have. We’re lucky in that not only do we get lots of local children coming to our clubs but we also get visitors from other parts of the UK and abroad when they’re staying with family locally.

It was this that prompted me to start thinking of the possibilities of having Little Rebels Holiday Clubs in other areas too. How would it work? Where would we go? Could we have lots of children doing the same activities in different areas at the same time??? My head was spinning!

One day, completely out of the blue, I was contacted by Ross Knagg, who was at the time, the Head at Broughton CofE Primary School, they’d been discussing the possibility of having a holiday club at the school and one of his staff very kindly suggested Little Rebels! As you can imagine I was delighted and arranged to visit the school.

Plans were soon put in place and advertising began. We decided to replicate exactly what we were doing in Barrow at our Broughton club, there was just one problem that held us up… staff and children! It was hard to find someone in the area who was available for Little Rebels and at the same time we were so busy in Barrow we couldn’t spare anyone to travel each day to Broughton. In addition to this we were struggling to fill places each day, something I remember from when we first started up in Barrow, no one had a clue who we were!

Eventually it was decided that instead of running the club at Broughton we would bring the children each day on the Furness Rugby minibus from their school to our Barrow club. They loved it! In fact, we all did. Our Broughton Rebels loved watching out for Chris arriving on the bus each morning and our journey to Barrow was always lively. The children made lots of new friends in Barrow and had fun every day, the bus journey home was always a lot quieter as we were all worn out!

During Spring Bank Holiday week, we once again ran the bus from Broughton and had lots of fun once again, but we were always on the lookout for that special person to run our very own Little Rebels Holiday Club in Broughton and I’m delighted to say we’ve found her!!

Yes! This summer our Little Rebels will be making the most of the beautiful setting and all of the space available at Broughton CofE Primary School at our club led by our new Rebel Leader Katrina. Katrina will be better known to the pupils in her term time role as Miss Dodd and is very excited to be able to get to know all of the children who attend our club over the summer. She’ll be assisted throughout the holidays by both Rachel and myself coming from Barrow each day, we can’t wait!

At the time of writing we’re in the middle of our final preparations for summer with activities organised, club t shirts at the ready and of course plenty of biscuits and drinks! If you’d like to know more about our club in Broughton why not pop over to our website where you’ll find more photos and info about the school and club, you can also book your places too.

See you in the Summer,

Lynn xx

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