Where did it all begin…the original Little Rebels

Brought up on Blue Peter and Take Hart…

It’s surprising the things you remember most about being a child and the things that made you happy. My memories of school are filled mainly with building marble traps inside our old lift up lid desks, having a board rubber thrown at me when I got caught talking in class, but best of all, the creative things we got to make.

Maybe it’s just me remembering the best bits but we did seem to spend so much time outside playing, going to clubs where we made ‘stuff’ and making lots of things at home that we saw our favourite TV presenters making.

Blue Peter has a lot to answer for, you can do anything with a cardboard box and an old yoghurt carton. We were never short of something to do. Each presenter had their own ideas and style, we all had our favourites. I think the only thing I never made was an advent candle thing made from wire coat hangers and tinsel, it was made at Christmas each year, I remember the year they accidentally set fire to it, they’d never get away with even telling children to make it these days!

I should have started by introducing the other half of ‘We’… my big sister, Lauren. There’s only a year between us but she was definitely the boss! I’ve got to say though, it’s quite handy being the youngest when it comes to getting out of some kind of trouble, just hide behind them and it all goes away!

When we were young we always shared the same interests (I did what I was told in those days!) and although we could fight and argue, having someone else to hold up the other end of the den you were building always came in handy. We did most things together, whether we wanted to or not, Brownies, Guides, Sunday School, Athletic Clubs, you’d think no one wanted us at home! Maybe we should have taken the hint when we arrived home one day to find the TV had been replaced by a tropical fish tank, my Dad’s new hobby. It lasted until Christmas when a TV returned again! I’ve often threatened Charlie that I might do the same one day, the only problem is he loved the idea of having fish!

Although my Mum will probably tell you she’s not creative and rubbish at everything don’t believe her. I still make things now with our Little Rebels that she taught us to do when we were young. One of the best being the flour glue we use for our papier mache, there can’t be many adults who have to make an emergency phone calls to their Mum to see if they remembered how to make it, but I did, not long ago either!

From sewing our own dolls clothes to making candle pictures and cardboard houses for our Barbie collection we used to make anything and everything. It’s funny how everyone talks about recycling and reusing now as if it was a new invention but really it’s something that’s always been done.

There was another programme I loved and think the title is as relevant now as it was then, maybe even more so…

Why Don’t You Just Turn Off Your Television Set And Do Something Less Boring Instead? (And yep, that was the name of the programme!)

For those of you who don’t remember this it was a programme introduced by a group of children who shared lots of ideas on what we could do, maybe because it was presented by children it made it more interesting? I can’t remember what kind of things they made but it was always ful of things to do both at home and outside that would keep you busy all day long.

There’s many things that we used to do that our Little Rebels will recognise, from making kites out of bags and ribbon, magic candle painting and our own scratch art boards. Making volcanoes using the now infamous flour glue was as popular then as it is now. With no gadgets or gizzmo’s to keep us entertained it came down to amusing ourselves and given the opportunity, Little Rebels everywhere are still as creative and inventive as we were then, they just need someone to replace their TV with a fish tank maybe!

I love running Little Rebels Holiday Clubs now, particularly as my own children are growing up and don’t want to make stuff with me anymore, although they do like to work with me and make stuff with our gang so maybe I got it right somewhere along the way! I always had a secret dream of being a Blue Peter presenter so maybe in a way I’ve got my dream job without realising it? Although having said that, the Little Rebels quite often ask me what I do for a ‘real’ job and as I tell them, I don’t have real job, If you find you something you love you’ll never work again.

We can’t wait to get started again this year, I might have to dig deeper into my memory box and see what we can make this year, or I could always just ring Grandma Rebel for a few good ideas form her!

See You Soon,

Love Lynn xx

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